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Mint and Eucalyptus Herbal Steam & Bath Soak

Mint and Eucalyptus Herbal Steam & Bath Soak

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Refresh and detox your skin and body with our Mint & Eucalyptus Herbal Steam & Bath Soak. Made with naturally beneficial herbs and botanicals grown in the Sage & Thistle Garden including pore-opening Mint, naturally astringent Eucalyptus leaves, antimicrobial Sage, and softening and decongesting Horehound, and added Lemon Verbena and dried lemon peel for their natural cleansing properties, this is a lovely way to help externally cleanse your skin via facial steam or bath soak, leaving skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and decongested as we transition to colder weather. 

Use as an herbal steam to detoxify & refresh skin, or use when you have a cold or congestion: Place 1-2 Tablespoons in a heat-safe bowl of simmered water, drape a towel over your head & the bowl, and inhale steam for 5-15 minutes, taking breaks periodically to prevent overheating or lightheadedness. Note: stop use immediately if you begin feeling faint or unwell - steams may be too intense for some. Pat skin dry & follow with your preferred moisturizer - we love to use our Herb-infused Toner followed by our Elderflower & Rose Geranium Organic Face Oil.

This is also a soothing & cleansing Bath Soak - simply add desired amount to cotton bag and add to hot bath water and steep. Allow bath to cool to a safe temperature, immerse yourself in the water, and soak! 

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