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It's Ok. It's Art. Procraftinator Zip Pouch

It's Ok. It's Art. Procraftinator Zip Pouch

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L’il Zippies can be used to stash and carry anything from pencils and pens, to makeup and travel toiletries. 

I hand-draw these designs using pencil and ink, then I digitally scan them, edit the designs for clarity, and then they are digitally printed on the L’il Zippy Pouches. The black outline is indelible - it will never wear off, crack, or fade. 

You (or whoever you gift this to) will turn this zip pouch into fun, cheeky, yet functional art, by unleashing all your creative powers and colouring your heart out! 

One (1) decorative pouch. 

  • 9" x 6"
  • Woven poly-cotton blend
  • Black Plastic Zipper
  • Machine Washable after heat setting (instructions included)
  • Tips and Tricks Colouring Card
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