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Crystal Facial Soap Bars

Crystal Facial Soap Bars

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We could have never imagined how much success this soap would bring you all when we first created it.  A must-have in your cleansing routine for your face and body, and even your hair and scalp! Gone are the days of tight, itchy skin after using commercial soaps. Our sudsy creation will clean + fight breakouts using its stellar combo of anti-bacterial rich beauty oils. Our top-shelf Neem oil is loaded with nutrients and contains high levels of antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental and free radical damage. I discovered this oil while living in India. It was a staple ingredient in their beauty regime, so naturally, I've included it in almost everything that is Lunah.

Castor Oil is incorporated as it can be an effective emollient for dry skin and can help to detoxify and cleanse skin. Using castor oil on your face can help to pull out impurities from the pores.

Beautiful shea butter is rich, and hydrating. Perfect for sensitive or mature skin.

The bottom layer of this soap has gentle apricot shells for exfoliation, the middle is made with mildly detoxing French pink clay, and the top layer is laced with rose petals.

Vegan. Nut Free.

Skin Type: all

Scent Profile: grounding notes of Rosewood and Palo Santo, with a hint of citrus.



Make this soap last forever by slicing slivers off to use, and tucking the rest away in a cool, dry cupboard. Lather up with soap and water, let it sit on your skin for a good minute to allow it to get to work. This soap also works amazing to clean up your scalp! Find a crystal in the top, and keep it somewhere special :)

Coconut oil, Castor oil, Neem oil, Shea Butter, Organic Olive Oil, Pink Clay, Apricot Shells, Organic Rose petals, Palo Santo essential oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, and Rosewood Essential Oil.

Shelf life: 6-8 months

Our creations are completely natural, without chemical preservatives, they're meant to be enjoyed, not stored! A date stamp on the bottom of each product marks the time it was made, please use it up accordingly. Only invest in the larger size if you will go through it within the time given.

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