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byAnnie's Soft and Stable 18" x 58"

byAnnie's Soft and Stable 18" x 58"

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ByAnnies Soft and Stable is a terrific product to use in place of batting or other stabilizers in purses, bags, totes, home dec items, and more.

Why use ByAnnies Soft and Stable

  •  Great lasting body and stability
  •  Lightweight
  •  Maintains shape
  •  Gives a professional finish to your project
  •  Easy to sew
  •  Fabric can be quilted to ByAnnies Soft and Stable or just sewn around the edges of the pieces no need to quilt every 2 to 4" as with batting
  •  Soft and comfortable
  •  Washer and dryer safe

Customer Comments:

"I have made a couple of bags with the Soft and Stable and I am so impressed with the body it gives to the bags shape without adding a lot of weight. For those of us that make handbags, one of the greatest challenges is finding something to fortify the bags shape and I think your product is definitely a fabulous step in the right direction. Thank you." Connie G.

"Soft and Stable is a great product. I made a purse and it is perfect and the stability great." Lois C.

"I cant tell you enough how much I love the Soft and Stable. I have been sewing for many years and got on to handbags in the last few years but have never seen a finished bag looking as good until using Soft and Stable." R. D.

"I created my own patterns for purses and inserts, etc., and really did not think your Soft and Stable product would work. I was pleasantly surprised because I no longer need to use heavy, hard to sew stablizers - but can go to your product. I have a Bernina and a Viking and recently purchased a very heavy duty Singer for the tough work and to preserve my "good" machines and thanks to your inventive genius, I no longer need to rely so heavily on the (ugh) Singer. My purses are one-of-a-kind art projects and I love the creative process and am not so fond of the construction, so you have made my life much easier with Soft and Stable. Thank you, Annie!" J. H.



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