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Winter Saviour Kit

Winter Saviour Kit

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1oz Frankincense Jasmine Whip + 2oz Detox Salt Polish + Mini Rose Quartz Applicator

Scrub: Our detox scrub is excellent at removing dead skin cells, therefore allowing your skin to absorb all of your luscious creams better. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, scrubs are awesome at unclogging pores and helping to prevent this.  Our salt combination in this scrub makes it great for detoxing and getting the junk out of your skin. A blend of Epsom, Dead Sea, sea salt, and dendritic salts lend some serious minerals to soften your skin and keep it in optimal shape. Did we mention it's one of the best shaving creams out there?

Whip: If you've been searching for the most luxurious cream to apply to your skin, stop right here. Our famous whipped butter smells like heaven and melts on contact. An ultra-healing recipe, this celestial product is suitable for both day and night! Apply both morning and night to face and neck for daily repair and protection from environmental damage. Use all over the body to rehydrate and nourish skin. Massage into trouble areas (acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, etc.) to help rebalance the skin.

Packaged in eco-friendly plastic bag.



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