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Gummy Bear Bath Bomb

Gummy Bear Bath Bomb

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Every single bath bomb is made one at a time, hand-pressed one at a time, with no machinery. We also hand paint, airbrush, wrap, and label every bath bomb.

Our bath bombs are very concentrated with colour and provide wonderful bath art. Some float and some sink due to amounts of oil and cocoa butter added, so while they're activating I always suggest holding them to the surface for best bath art. If you decide to hold them, however, it may cause slight skin staining. If this occurs it usually comes off with a quick scrub.

Experience a burst of colors with each use as the colorful embeds inside this bath bomb create the most beautiful bath art! Scent options may vary for a unique bathing experience every time. Made with high-quality ingredients that are paraben free, phthalate free and skin safe.

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